Our Process

Our process starts with people. We hire friendly people with great attitudes and we train them to provide our signature 5 star service.

Our killer product is great cleaning. Our cleanings are great because we have invested in the best equipment available, at any price. Our world class power vacuum trucks not only far exceed the power of portable machines, but also even most competitors trucks.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what we do in a typical residential air duct cleaning:

1. Scheduling

From your first call in to Sani-Clean you will experience our award-winning, 5 Star service. We will answer all of your questions. You'll get an accurate price with no unexpected add-ons.

2. Arrival

When we head out to your home, a text message is sent if you've provided us with a mobile number.
We arrive on time and within the 2 hour window that we agreed upon during scheduling.

3. Award Winning

Sani-Clean sends only the best technicians; Well trained and award winning. We are proud have won the prestigious "Super Service Award" from Angie's List 5 years in a row! Thank you!

4. Monster Vac Trucks

Our Monster Vac Trucks give us the power to easily remove your most stubborn dust and debris from your ducts. We are known for removing items that previous companies have missed!

5. Home Protection

Our goal is to keep your home clean. We do that by laying tarps and corner protectors where our vac hoses run, and wearing booties on our shoes. We will always respect your home!

6. Attach Suction

We cut some holes into the main ducts and attach our massive 8" vacuum hose drawing 16,000 cfpm of air. This is enough suction to put your entire system under tremendous negative pressure.

7. Clean Supply Ducts

We start by cleaning each supply (heat) register individually while an incredibly large volume of air is being pulled to the truck. We have tools for different scenarios.

8. Clean Return Ducts

We then clean each cold air return individually, including drops and pans. A series of agitators are also sent through each duct where possible, breaking up the debris.

9. Live Demonstration

Seeing is believing. We will show you a live demonstration of what we are doing, so you can understand more clearly within a few seconds of starting

10. Clean Main Ducts

We finish up the ductwork by scrubbing all the ductwork with our powerful whips and air ball attachments powered by our 200+PSI quincy air compressor.

11. Before and After Pics

We provide FREE before and after pics to prove the results of our work. We take pride in hearing you say "wow" when we show you the Sani-Clean difference.

12. Furnace Cleaning

No duct cleaning is complete without an equally clean furnace. The furnace should be cleaned annually for the cleanest and the most efficiency out of your system.

13. Seal The Holes

We seal up the holes we made during the cleaning. We use 26 gauge sheet metal, foil tape and screws to cover the 8" holes, and 1" plugs for the 1" holes.

14. Final Clean-Up

A clean home is a happy home! When we finish the cleaning, we vacuum and clean up your home as much as possible to leave your home as clean as we found it.

15. Final Walk-Through

We show you what we did and have you sign off on the work if you're satisfied and we finish up the payment and provide you with a receipt. Thanks for having us out!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We take pride in a job well done. We guarantee our work for a full 90 days. If there is any kind of issue, please give us a call at 888-675-1454 so we can help

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 We take pride in a job well done.
We guarantee our work for a full 90 days.

If there is any kind of issue, please give us a call at 888-675-1454
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