Furnace Cleaning

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Why should I get my furnace cleaned?

For the most efficiency

A hallmark of a clean air duct system is a clean furnace. We recommend cleaning your furnace every one to two years, along with using a high quality filter such as our lifetime warranty electrostatic air filter.

We can air wash your blower, your burners, your heat exchanger, and your A-coil (if applicable). We utilize a very high power 8" vacuum hose along with air powered tools operating at as much as 200 pounds per square inch of air.

Cleaning the furnace along with your air duct cleaning ensures that the entire system is clean, and that one part of the system won't contaminate another part of the system.

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Furnace cleaning cost


We charge $100 to clean a furnace ala-carte. If you have more than one furnace, we charge $50 for each additional unit.

One furnace is included at no extra charge with our flat rate pricing so you can take the guesswork out of figuring out the actual cost in your home or business. If your home has more than one, simply add $50 for each additional system or zone.

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How often should I clean my furnace?


Annual cleaning of the furnace keeps the ducts cleaner longer, while also keeping efficiency at its top level.

You should also have the furnace serviced yearly as well, which a service we do not offer.

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Why choose Sani-Clean?

Truck mount equipment rather than a shopvac...

Our experienced Air Quality Specialists clean your system as good as it can be cleaned in the most efficient way possible.

We have invested in the best truck-mounted power vacuum trucks and equipment money can buy, and we pay attention to the small details that most companies don't even consider.

Most HVAC companies clean a furnace with a shopvac and a brush. Our cleaning is generally more thorough than this. Our tools can reach deep inside the heat exchanger and other areas that a shop vac physically cannot.

If your furnace is exceptionally dirty, a cleaning that involves removing the blower and the burners may be necessary. This type of cleaning we do NOT offer. A reputable HVAC company like TECH IV would be good in this scenario.

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