Dryer Vent Cleaning

Improves both the safety and the efficiency of your dryer

Why should you clean your dryer vent annually?

To prevent house fires

Dirty dryer vents are the #1 cause of house fires in the USA. Besides the fire hazard, it also costs more to run a dryer with a dirty pipe because the clothes take longer to dry.

When your home is on the line, dryer vent cleaning is the smart choice.

Annual cleaning gives you the peace of mind to know that your dryer is running SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY.

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Dryer vent cleaning cost


If cleaning your air ducts, we charge $50 for dryer vents that are less then 15' long and that do not require a ladder to reach from the outside, otherwise dryer vent cleaning will cost $100.

If you have a rooftop dryer vent, we can clean most of them for the cost of $150

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Are all cleaning companies the same?

Not a chance

The same unscrupulous companies that rip off air duct cleaning customers also clean dryer vents. Trust becomes the key thing here. If they lie about being licensed to clean air ducts and they don't invest in the proper equipment, would you trust them to clean the lint out of your dryer pipe properly? Beware!

Some companies choose to take the high ground and buy only the best dryer vent cleaning equipment available, as well as obtaining the proper licensing and insurance. By staying above board and out of the Grey area a company like Sani-Clean can be trusted with such an important cleaning as your dryer vent. There's no room for amateurs when you're literally playing with fire.

We take pride in having the most experienced technicians, as well as the best, purpose built equipment for the job. Trust us to do the job right!

Why choose Sani-Clean?

Because we operate with honesty and integrity above all else

Our experienced Air Quality Specialists clean your system as good as it can be cleaned in the most efficient way possible. We have invested in the best truck-mounted power vacuum trucks and equipment money can buy, and we pay attention to the small details that most companies don't even consider like sealing your doorway so the hot or cold doesn't escape or your pets! We call it the "Sani-Clean Difference!"

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