Amazing Value

With Sani-Clean you can expect the highest quality service and cleaning for a reasonable price. We don't mess around with bait and switch marketing tactics, so you can be sure of an accurate quote before we arrive.

We have invested in the most powerful vacuum trucks on the market. Our properly trained Air Quality Specialists are equipped to handle almost any air duct cleaning situation.

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cleaning main ducts

Air Duct Cleaning

Breathe Fresh Air

Residential and Commercial
Licensed & insured
Large power vacuum trucks
Air Duct Cleaning

Our process includes:

Cleaning each supply and return opening as well and any and all ductwork in between

Easy flat rate pricing:

Eliminates the issue of bait and switch pricing and lets you receive an accurate price on the phone


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Reduces Fire Risk

Removes lint from pipe
Best dryer efficiency
Annual cleaning suggested
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our process includes:

Running an agitator through the entire length of the dryer vent which effectively evacuates all the lint out

See for yourself:

In most cases you can watch the lint come out as we clean it. It can be an eye opening experience!


Furnace Cleaning

Maximizes Efficiency

Removes dust from furnace
Cleans blower, burners & A-coil
Annual cleaning suggested
Furnace Cleaning

Our process includes:

Cleaning the burners, the blower, and the A-coil. Our specialized tools provide excellent results

A clean furnace:

We don't check or inspect furnaces, we just get them nice and clean so your air is cleaner


Electrostatic Filter

Lifetime Warranty

Never has to be replaced
Simply rinse monthly
Electrostatic Filter

Lifetime Warranty:

Never needs to be replaced. Simply rinse once per month then let air dry for a lifetime of use

Eco Friendly:

Being reusable eliminates waste and since it does NOT require power it uses no energy


UV-C Light

Air Purification System

Disinfects the air safely
Kills bacteria, allergens, viruses & mold
Continuous protection
UV Light

Germicidal UV-C Light:

Kills the contaminants that cause colds, flus, allergies and sinus infections

Low Maintenance:

The only maintenance is a bulb change once per year. Buy the bulb from us HERE or have us install it


Lint Alert

Dryer Vent Monitor

Detects restricted airflow
LED indication of buildup
Reduces dryer fire risk
Lint Alert

Dryer Safety Monitor:

Measures back pressure in the dryer duct and alerts you of unsafe conditions with LED indicators

We Install it for you:

We install the Lint Alert for you so you can have peace of mind knowing your dryer vent is safe


  • Licensed and Insured Mich License #7115274
  • Monster Vacuum Trucks
  • Friendly, highly-skilled Technicians
  • We take the utmost pride in every job we do
  • Before and After pics standard on every job
  • Over 730+ reviews on Angie's List
  • Over 600+ reviews on Groupon with a 97% satisfaction rating
  • 5 Star rating on Google and Facebook
  • In good standing with the Better Business Bureau

With Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning you get the highest quality service available for a fair price. Servicing Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties, you can trust us to do the job right!

Whether you're looking for Expert Air Duct Cleaning in Macomb Twp., thorough Dryer Vent Cleaning in Chesterfield, or just an Annual Furnace Cleaning in Novi, you can be assured that our team will treat your home with the utmost respect and care.